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Awareness & Well-being Workshop

Explore the whys and the hows of Meditation & Mindfulness, and how to commit to a regular practice without judgement or self- doubt
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Awareness & Well-being Workshop

Time & Location

Time is TBD
Bloom Studio & Well-being , 24 Rodney Road, Cheltenham, UK

About the Event

Many people probably have heard already that meditation and mindfulness is good for us, but how is it?

Or perhaps you have tried the occasional meditation already and it felt difficult to do or it felt like you are not doing it 'right' ?

Our Awareness- and Well-being Workshop is the perfect opportunity to find out all about Meditation & Mindfulness and how to commit to a regular practice without judgement or self- doubt, so you can develop a very important awareness of your constant thought stream, your feelings, surroundings, your life!

Train yourself to ‘ flip the script’ .

Workshop Structure:

Introduction to Meditation & Mindfulness:

- The science behind meditation

- where it comes from

- key skills

- main broad types

- tools to commit to a regular practice

- posture

- what is Mindfulness and how to be mindful

- guided Bodyscan meditation

Physical & Emotional pain management

- the usual reaction to physical & emotional  pain and how many people suppress suffering

- learning to accept pain & suffering  including practical instructions

- a bit of research about meditation and physical & emotional pain

- changing your relationship to suffering and stress with meditation

- guided pain acceptance meditation

Elevated Function

- how meditation can take you further than stress- and Ill preventing

- what functions does meditation improve (e.g productivity/ concentration etc.)

- guided counting the breath meditation

- Introduction to the ‘Insight meditation’ (leading to a new perception/ awareness)

- guided Insight meditation

Originally born in Germany, Angela Philippi moved to Cheltenham in 2007, just over 13 years ago.

“Throughout my life, I never quite understood why there was so much discontentment in most people and especially in myself. It seemed to me as if everything around me and within me was rather fear-driven and anything but joyful.

I had a tendency towards experiencing anxiety and depression, and this therefore led to a lot of questions: “there must be more to life than this”, “there must be something that can’t be fully comprehended or defined through the mind”, “why can’t I be happier”, etc.

Through trial and error and a lifetime of dedication to learning how the mind functions, I developed a natural interest in more holistic ways of living and dealing with the daily ups and downs of life.

I started to do a lot of research into holistic therapies and techniques, and it was great to see that there was something to be learned from every book, every article, every branch of science and art.

I absorbed everything I could that I thought might be useful to me personally, as I became increasingly determined and serious about feeling better and more at peace with myself.

After practicing meditation occasionally, I then decided to become a graduate of Zenways as a meditation and mindfulness teacher.

I learned an enormous amount during my training, not only about myself but also about how I was able to teach others.

All digital paperwork and meditation audio’s from the Workshop are available to purchase for very little charge.

Workshop starts at 1.30pm. 

It runs for 4 hours, including at 30 minute lunch break and 2 x 15 minute breaks. 

You will be able to purchase food and drinks from The Urban Meadow cafe downstairs at a 15% discount, or please feel free to bring your own. 

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